A New Beginning – 2013


Hi, and welcome to 14by14. I’m Tee, and I’m so excited to have set up this little blog. A place where I’ll be recording my journey of loss weight. And this is where 14by14 comes in. It stands for:

Fit into size 14 clothes or less by 2014.

Kicking off from 1st January 2013, I’ll start sharing my food journal, recipes, what I’ve tried, if it works / fails, reviews and exercises. I’m also a mad gardener, so I’ll be sharing what I grow. Click here to find out more about me.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I figured, if I put my progress out there, I’ll have to stick to it. Right? Well, that’s the plan.

Since the new year is almost upon us, I’m listing some of my resolutions for 2013:

– Most obvious: fit into a size 14 dress or lower, and buy a new swimming costume and little black dress

– Most obvious #2: lower my cholesterol

– No longer crave something sweet every night

– Find an exercise program I enjoy

– Create more recipes that are both healthy and deemed yummy by my husband


What about you? What are your new year’s resolutions?


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