Last Week’s Eats

This week went along nicely. Had a small hiccup toward the end of the week due to a few birthday parties, but these things happen. Here are my eats from last week:


Monday: yoghurt, haloumi on tabouli, green smoothie, soup with bread
Tuesday: egg on toast, butter chicken, nectarine, chicken salad
Wednesday: egg on toast, thai beef salad, schnitzel sandwich with coleslaw
Thursday: green smoothie, fish on tabouli, watermelon, chicken and leek pie
Friday: egg and tomato, silverbeet sandwich, green smoothie, roast chicken and veggies
Saturday: cheese roll, sausage and salad, birthday cake, leftover roast chicken, ice cream
Sunday: green smoothie, fish sandwich, lamb shank on baked veggies

Yesterday I made a new green smoothie, which wasn’t very sweet, and that’s a good thing.



Simply blend together the following for the Kalealicous Green Smoothie:


1 cup kale leaves
2 cucumbers
2 cups spinach
2 carrots
1 cup coconut water
1 cup ice


Hope you had a good week?


3 thoughts on “Last Week’s Eats

  1. I would love to love the green smoothie. However, I’m not a veggie fan. Recently made some Kale chips and enjoyed them–that was a big step for me. Keep up the good work

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