Hi, and welcome. Everyone calls me Tee, so you can too. I’m a 39 years old female from Australia, and I want to share my weight loss journey with everyone to achieve something I call 14by14.

Basically, 14by14 is as simple as:

Fit into size 14 clothes or less by 2014.

Easy. Right? Maybe not so simple, but I figured if I share my path online, it’ll motivate me to keep going and not give up, like I have so many times before. Plus, who knows, maybe, just maybe, I’ll encourage others to join in.

My plan includes no hard eating rules, or focusing on only certain food groups, or any diets. It’s simply me trying to teach myself change my lifestyle and eating habits for good. Part of this will include the following:

– Reduce the amount of carbohydrates I eat

– Reduce sugar

– Introduce regular exercise

– Eat less processed food, and more organic / raw food

But of course these will take time to built into my normal routine, so I’ll officially kick off from 1st January 2013 with a small detox.

Now, I’m sure you’re all curious about my stats. I’m trying really hard to not focus on actual weight, because I don’t think that really matters. It’s about how the clothes fit me and how I feel. I want to be confident in anything I wear and feel good in my own body. That’s how I look at it.

Right now I’m a size 20, and I have high cholesterol.

By 2014, I hope to have lowered my cholesterol, dropped dress sizes to 14 or less, along with having introduced a new approach to food and my general well being.

I’ll post a summary of what I’ve eaten at the end of each week, along with sharing recipes, what worked, what didn’t, and any exercise I did.

Phew… so much, but if I don’t do this, then my health will deteriorate, and that’s not fair on me and my family.

So, I will make 14by14 work.


9 thoughts on “14by14?

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  2. If you stick your mind to it you can achieve anything 🙂
    I cut sugar and Gluten out and went from a tight size 14 to a size 10 in about 3 months. If i can do it anyone can!

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