Last Week’s Eats

This week went along nicely. Had a small hiccup toward the end of the week due to a few birthday parties, but these things happen. Here are my eats from last week:


Monday: yoghurt, haloumi on tabouli, green smoothie, soup with bread
Tuesday: egg on toast, butter chicken, nectarine, chicken salad
Wednesday: egg on toast, thai beef salad, schnitzel sandwich with coleslaw
Thursday: green smoothie, fish on tabouli, watermelon, chicken and leek pie
Friday: egg and tomato, silverbeet sandwich, green smoothie, roast chicken and veggies
Saturday: cheese roll, sausage and salad, birthday cake, leftover roast chicken, ice cream
Sunday: green smoothie, fish sandwich, lamb shank on baked veggies

Yesterday I made a new green smoothie, which wasn’t very sweet, and that’s a good thing.



Simply blend together the following for the Kalealicous Green Smoothie:


1 cup kale leaves
2 cucumbers
2 cups spinach
2 carrots
1 cup coconut water
1 cup ice


Hope you had a good week?


Last Week’s Eats

Week 2 has come and gone. I struggled a bit this week, but I jumped back onto the ‘healthy’ wagon and continued forward. No use looking back I say, as long as I don’t give up. Okay, here they are.


Monday: cereal with seeds and oat milk, veggie stir-fry, green smoothie, roast chicken and chips (I know!!)
Tuesday: Vegemite toast with tomato, salmon on salad, ribs and veggies, watermelon
Wednesday: sausage on toast, cheesecake slice, chicken Vietnamese salad, roast chicken and salad, ice cream (shaking my head at this day)
Thursday: green smoothie, salmon sandwich, yoghurt, Asian beef and veggie stir-fry
Friday: green smoothie, tabouli and halloumi on lebanese bread, watermelon, meat patty on homemade spelt bun
Saturday: cheese scroll, meat patty and tabouli on lebanese bread, popcorn, steak on roll
Sunday: mushrooms and egg on toast, sausage and salad, crisps (at party), French onion soup with homemade spelt bun

I remembered to take photos of some of my meals last week.



How did everyone’s first week in 2013 go?

Last Week’s Eats

The first week of 2013 was a good start. Sure there was a bit of bumpiness caused by the 2 day detox I attempted mid-week. Plus sometimes I forgot I was trying to cut out sugar, and reduce fruit. Didn’t always happen, but it’s a good start overall. I also joined the 30 day green smoothie challenge, which helped with eating more veggies.

I say ‘attempted’ when it came to the detox, because there were some bumps along the way, but I’ll leave that to a separate post.


Tuesday: egg on toast, sardine + salad sandwich, fruit, ham quiche + salad.
Wednesday: cereal, prawn salad, veggies for snacks, chilli con carne
Thursday: corn, green smoothie, mushroom and zucchini stir fry, fruit, baked veggies – Detox Day 1
Friday: green smoothie, apple, salad with feta, steak and baked veggies – Detox Day 2
Saturday: Cheese scroll, green smoothie, salmon and salad roll, fruit, BBQ ribs and veggies, watermelon
Sunday: egg on toast, salmon sandwich, green smoothie, chicken skewers and salad

Monday is non-existent since it was the last day of 2012.

Foods I plan to add more of in my meals.


Coconut oil used in cooking.
Tahini for sandwiches
Salmon eaten 2-3 times a week in sandwiches or salad or patties

How did everyone’s first week in 2013 go?